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30 Day Juice Fast

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 3

Day 3 was actually quite fabulous. My detox symptoms started to quiet down, except for really itchy skin, which I forgot to list yesterday as one of my regulars, and a general feeling of weakness in the late afternoon, which my wonderful husband remedied by letting me take a rather long and indulgent nap while the kids played outside. The urge to chew has pretty much gone silent, as well as the rabid dog feeling I was getting the first few days when I smelled food, and my legs are not as achy. I slept great the night before. My toes were numb off and on all through the night, which is something I normally experience from circulation issues, but all during day 3 I had full feeling in all extremities.

My thinking is getting clearer by the day. My energy is awesome. I was scurrying around doing something yesterday and I noticed my husband watching me. When I stopped, self-conscious, to ask what he was staring at, he said he can see a huge difference in me already. I’m always so tired in regular life, and have such a hard time summoning the willpower to do regular things. You’d never know it to look at me now. I honestly can’t remember what it felt like to feel tired right now. I haven’t felt down or depressed since day 1. I feel great! Maybe I’ll climb Mount Everest later today…

The three hardest things about juice fasts, in my opinion, and in no particular order, are:

1. The constant unsolicited advice and opinions of others who misunderstand your reasons for juice fasting – I have learned to respect others’ opinions, but to maintain my original conviction and to guard my heart against negative feedback that is not true. Even the true stuff, often said by those who love me, comes at a time, while fasting, when I am vulnerable, weak and following a controversial path toward health. I have learned that it is possible to care about others, and to listen and hear, while discarding ridiculous advice or opinions that are contrary to what I feel led to do. 
2. The patience and willpower that are needed for a long fast to do good work on your body – this is why it is good to start with a 1-3 day fast, and build from there. You don’t realize how strong God made you to be until you start regularly fasting. The first time I did a one-day fast, it was so hard. I hated it. But the next day, when I woke up and had the day finished, the feeling of strength and accomplishment was unparalleled. I felt rejuvenated, empowered, triumphant. Fasting is boot camp for good character traits like patience, self-control, peace, and finally, joy. I promise you, you will never regret a fast, even if you do miss someone’s birthday dinner, or you don’t get to go to Carrabbas one Friday night. I believe that fasting is a gateway to holistic health – mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional.
3. The detox symptoms. They aren’t fun. Enough said.

What I drank:
Teecino (coffee substitute) mixed with coffee, and coconut milk creamer
Carrot, eggplant, apple, grapefruit juice
1 cup of detox tea
1 cup of nighty night tea
1/2 gallon purified water, throughout the day
Carrot, lemon, celery, cucumber, orange juice

Again, it has amazed me, during this fast, how little juice I need. Usually I will drink 4-5 juices a day, when I start to feel hungry or weak. But my energy this fast has been abnormally high, and I have spent much of each day not even thinking about what I’m going to drink next, but just living life. Every fast is not like this. Perhaps later in the fast I will find myself needing more.

The idea behind juice fasting is that the body is getting the nutrients it needs in the form of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, so one’s energy and stamina remain at a high level, while the digestive system is allowed to shut down since there is nothing digestible being consumed. Our bodies normally dedicate much of the energy derived from food toward the digestion of that food. It requires a lot to break solids down into fuel, even if they are fresh and natural, and to discard extra as waste. Just imagine how hard your body is working to figure out what to do with processed and synthetic foods. If you eat a lot of junk food or fast food, and feel tired all the time, you may want to consider the amount of energy that is being dedicated to breaking down these non-foods. And then most of them get stored as sugar or alcohol anyway, so no wonder our nation is 67% overweight.

Your body was created to be used as a conduit for the many forms of the goodness of God. High energy, clear thinking, restful sleep, good, healthy “real” foods, an appetite for good things, and overall, the fruit of the Spirit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Gal 5:22-23)

And while our bodies are temporary, we are still given stewardship of them, and the Bible says that His divine power has already given us everything pertaining to life and godliness. (2 Peter 1:3)

When our body is still getting the nutrients from the power-packed fresh vegetable and fruit juice, and no longer using the energy to digest, it immediately goes into healing mode. It takes a few days for this to happen, but once it does, it is amazing how your body will heal itself if given the opportunity. It starts to address the damaged cells, pursuing wholeness and balance. Organs are able to address damage that they have had to put on the back burner until now. The digestive system gets a good rest.

God made our bodies. If you’ve ever looked at a cell under a microscope and seen the complexity of something so small and so lovely, something inside of you shouts design and intelligence and glory to God! 

I have read about people being healed from small things like insomnia, depression, allergies and asthma, as well as huge things like cancer, mental disease and diabetes, from extended juice fasts. I suppose they all feel huge if you have to deal with these issues on a daily basis. At the very minimum, juice fasters are empowered to take control of bad eating habits, to overhaul their body systems and push the restart button, and to rejoice that however we have damaged and neglected ourselves, Creation ever moves toward wholeness and redemption, if we will stop and be still and let our God-made bodies obey His voice.

Be still and know that I am God…(Ps. 46:10)

Tomorrow I will write about how to prepare your vegetables and fruits. I am also going to tell you about some resources for fasting, and tell you what kind of juicer I have.


3 thoughts on “30 Day Juice Fast: Day 3

  1. i need to do another cleanse too…i’ve never done a juice fast, it may be just what i need! thanks for the idea!

    Posted by mountain mama | March 10, 2012, 9:27 pm
  2. What a great inspirational blog this is! You are right when you say “you don’t realize how strong God made you until you start fasting regularly.” This is my first time going past a 1 day fast ( I am on day 2 of 3 right now). I have had some struggles, but am leaning on God for support to pull me through. Thank you so much for your insight into this process. God bless!

    Posted by Tiffany | March 14, 2013, 12:28 pm
  3. Thank you so much for writing about your juice fast. I did one last year for 39 days, but ever since i can’t seem to stick to a fast. I have been trying to get back on it but I keep breaking it….. You have inspired me and tomorrow am going to start a 40 day juice fast. Hopefully I can make it. BTW after my 39 day juice fast I gained all the weight back……. This time round am going to do it differently and hopefully won’t gain all the weight back. God will see me through. Thanks again

    Posted by Dr. M | October 27, 2013, 1:36 pm

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