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30 Day Juice Fast

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 15

Day 15 is here. I bet you didn’t think I was still going. Honestly, I’m slightly having an out of body experience right now, because I wasn’t sure myself that I would still be going. But I am. I have stayed on the juice-fasting straight and narrow these last days that I have not been posting. It was nice to have a little posting break, especially since we are moving and there is much to be done.

And holy cow, I’m halfway to the finish of my 30 day juice fast!

Fireworks are going off in my soul as I write this. I am still going strong on this radical endeavor. I have had many hours of joy and resilience, and also, many minutes of panic and fragility. I feel strong to have made it thus far, and I know that it is not my own strength alone, but the grace of God that empowers us for good works and obedience to His higher call. I have felt the call to do something strong for my own personal health issues, something good and different, and this is the thing that kept coming back to me: a 30 day juice fast.

I am amazed to be living right in the middle of my own transformation.

I can feel my emotional addiction to food being broken. If anything is going to cure an addiction to food, an extended fast is at the front of the line. It reboots your system, shrinks your stomach back to a healthy size, gives you an appetite for simple, healthy foods, and brings your body’s wants/needs back to ground zero for self-analysis and change. Throughout this fast I have thought with nostalgia about my favorite foods as if something was missing from my life: salt n vinegar potato chips, heavy Tex-Mex food, French fries, half n half and ice cream.  But as the fast has gone on, those silly voices have died out and I can feel them being replaced with a quieter resolve to eat foods for physical hunger and fuel and energy and health, not for emotional hunger.

The month after the fast will be the telling time. I plan to eat mostly raw foods the first few weeks, with a little bit of cooked eggs, veggies, legumes and some lean meat. And from now on, I’d like to stay away from dairy, sugar and refined wheat products for the most part, with a little bit of grace for the occasional indulgence.

If you eat extremely healthy foods after your fast, you can expect to gain about 5 lbs. of your lost weight back before losing any more from a continued healthy lifestyle. It is just a fact that when eating regularly, even healthfully, your body will always be carrying the extra weight of food being digested or as waste matter in your colon, so don’t get discouraged if you eat like a monk after your fast and don’t lose any weight the first couple of weeks. This is also a great time to go full speed with your workouts, and of course, since muscle weighs more than fat, your weight might not budge at all for several weeks. But remember, this is not just about your weight, but your overall health, from the inside out. The pursuit is health, not a size. So focus on that and don’t worry about the scale.

I’m posting this at the beginning of day 15, as opposed to after. The last few days, since I posted last for day 10 have been great. Some of the detox I have experienced is:

Mucus being released from my body
Itchy skin
Face/neck breakouts
Lower back pain
Achy legs

All of these symptoms have been on top of the good ones I continue to experience, such as:

Glowing skin, even with some minor breakouts
Superb energy
Deep sleep
Optimistic perspective
Good circulation
Continuing to lose weight

I feel great. I have slacked a bit in my juice consumption the last couple of days, and have had quite a bit more broth than I’d like to admit, but now that I’m halfway I am renewing my commitment to this special time of rest and healing for my body, and I’m going to have at least 3 juices a day, if not more, with broth once every other day, and once on those days at that. It’s mostly the salty flavor I’m after when I drink broth while fasting, and most juicers will tell you they have a little broth during a fast, but I think I’ve been abusing the broth privilege.

I am still having coffee in the mornings, but as of now, I have felt compelled to cut my coffee consumption in half from a cup to half a cup each morning for the next 5 days, and then we’ll go from there. I’m not promising anything. Coffee is one of my friends, and I am just not sure if it’s realistic for me, at this point, to completely give it up. But I am willing, for the sake of purification, to lessen my intake.

Make sure, when you get to this point in your fast, that you are drinking a detox tea every day that will help your bowels to keep moving. Your body is in deep detox mode and will be expelling all kinds of mucus from stored toxins in your fat cells and built up junk from the intestinal walls, and because you are not consuming fiber, it cannot get rid of these poisons unless the bowels are helped along. Enemas are also a good idea.

Much of the old toxins in your body are held in your fat. As your body burns through fat in this fasting process, you will be unleashing those poisons, so it’s not unusual to have really great days with an occasional terrible day as this happens. That is the awful thing about putting bad foods into your body. Not only do you feel terrible and sluggish after eating them, but again when your body is finally allowed to release them. Some of us never get rid of the poisons that are slowing us down, and so we decrease in vitality and physical ability with age, instead of maintaining excellent stamina and jubilance. Remember, you were meant to be strong your whole life long, not just when you are young! If you feel dead dog tired, even after sleeping 8 hours, maybe it’s time for a fast to jump start your health. Juice fasting books refer to the bad days in the second half of an extended fast as healing crisis’. Just think, it took a long time to get yourself into this unhealthy state, so it’s going to take some work and patience to undo it. The benefits far outpay the cost. You won’t regret fasting for health.

I can’t believe I haven’t eaten anything in 15 days, and feel so good! I plan on taking a few more long walks this week, as I approach day 20. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost yet, because if I weighed myself at any time during those first 2 weeks, I knew it would immediately become about numbers and I would have lost my focus on the health and rest and quiet of the fast, so I am contemplating weighing myself on day 21, just so you and I can marvel over the numbers and that can take me buoyantly over the finish line. I told you in the beginning, I was 30 lbs. overweight. How I would love to shed most of that extra baggage and walk into my post-fast lifestyle with a free and healthy foundation to build upon.

We shall see.

I’ll post again on day 20, and then probably every other day until the end of the fast.


3 thoughts on “30 Day Juice Fast: Day 15

  1. Yay!!! Thanks for writing I am loving this story of you. We have removed nearly 70% of the processed foods (cloning to pasta because it is a carb I can have that is sodium free that, and corn tortillas) but eating like you described your post fast diet. I love it. I feel like I’m empowering my body not just filling it.
    Great Job Jillian!!

    Posted by Becky | March 21, 2012, 8:16 am
  2. Ending day 14 of my 30 day fast and happened upon your blog. I feel so encouraged to continue. Thank you for the motivation!

    Posted by Kendra | March 5, 2016, 11:04 pm

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