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30 Day Juice Fast

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 25

I am in the home stretch. Today is day 25. Can you believe that I have not eaten one morsel of food in 25 days?

I feel terrific. My skin is glowing, my sleep is deep and restful, my energy abounds and thinking is sharp and focused, I am excited about the future, and overjoyed that I have done this fast.

I have lost 22 lbs, but I’m not weighing myself again until Day 30. Weight loss will usually slow considerably in the last few days of an extended fast. I am still hoping to lose all 30 lbs. of the extra weight I was carrying, but honestly, I’m so excited about what has already taken place in my body that if I end up with a different number than my goal, I’ll still be thrilled.

One week from yesterday, next Friday, and Good Friday at that, I will break my fast with some melon, mango or citrus fruit. You want to eat a small amount of fruit with high-water content for your first meal. This will help ease your digestion system, which has been sleeping for a long time, back into good productivity. Then, later that day, I will have a simple salad composed of spinach leaves, a tiny bit of tomato and a squirt of lemon and some pepper, and some more fruit. That night I will have some broth with a little bit of fiber in it, such as cooked carrot, celery, onion and garlic.

Be very careful when you break your fast. Your body is in a deep fasting state, and if you throw a bunch of food in your stomach, especially anything heavy, fried, processed, or hard to digest, you can get very sick.

I will also be drinking a ton of water, and continuing to drink teas, and it will take 3-4 days of very simple raw fruits and vegetables, simple soups, and smoothies to break my fast. I am actually planning on doing this kind of diet for a week or two before adding things like legumes, nuts, seeds and lean meat like fish and chicken back into my diet.

It is a bad idea to introduce milk products, red meats, processed foods, refined sugar, anything with high fructose corn syrup back into your diet right away. These are all things that clog us up, slow us down, and fatten our bodies, and should be used sparingly, if at all. Try treating them as a special occasion food, and continue with the amazing new you by eating healthfully and as close to the dirt as you can. I should say that fresh bison meat is an exception in the red meat department, because it has 95% less saturated fat than the beef you buy in the store. It has the iron, protein and leanness that you will want for continued health.

It is hard to capture the transformation that my body has undergone in mere words. I will post a picture here on Day 30, and I’ll try to find a “before” picture too.

For the rest of this week I will be continuing with my 1/2 gallon of purified water, 3 or so juices a day, a cup of broth when I feel the need, and detox and herbal teas.

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been reading and commenting and cheering me on. I thought that this kind of radical fast would change my life, and I was not wrong. I feel like a new person!

See you on Day 30.


5 thoughts on “30 Day Juice Fast: Day 25

  1. Wow, good for you, Jillian. You inspire me. I am seriously considering on you are doing. You go girl!

    Posted by Carol | March 31, 2012, 9:28 am
  2. You inspired me – I did it last week for one day and this week for 2 days. But only during the day. It was funny cause I felt really sharp and focused in my training class whereas usually after lunch I am so sleepy:) Way to go Jillian – that is such an amazing accomplishment!

    Posted by Brandy | March 31, 2012, 10:11 am
  3. Awesome accomplishment!!!

    Posted by nisey | March 29, 2013, 5:09 am

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