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30 Day Juice Fast: Day 7

I continue to be in the easy part of the fast. The impulses to go to the nearest Taco Cabana or Whataburger have become fewer and fewer. When I get tired of juice, I have a cup of broth for the salty flavor, since the absence of salt in my life stings like an amputation, … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 6

There comes a time, in every extended fast, when your body and the fast get into harmony with each other and you enter into a certain quiet that only needs be maintained by continued momentum from the earlier hard days, and the conviction that this is exactly what you are called to do. I have … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 5

Whew. I am so excited that I have 5 days behind me. Only 25 more to go… Day 5 was a mixture of weary and energetic. I am thinking pretty clearly the last couple of days, but still having trouble remembering things. My skin looks great, my energy is excellent in the mornings and evenings, but … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 4

Day 4 was rough. I swung back and forth between strong emotions all day, feeling like I was on the verge of quitting the fast one minute, and feeling invincible and enduring the next. It helped to change my scenery and go to a beautiful black and white photography exhibit at one of our local art museums. It’s always nice to … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 3

Day 3 was actually quite fabulous. My detox symptoms started to quiet down, except for really itchy skin, which I forgot to list yesterday as one of my regulars, and a general feeling of weakness in the late afternoon, which my wonderful husband remedied by letting me take a rather long and indulgent nap while the … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 2

I have several goals for this fast. They are: 1. Cure my insomnia, depression, PMS, poor circulation, migraines, foggy thinking, lack of energy, irregular digestive system, and high cholesterol, without the use of prescription drugs. 2. Finish the fast 3. Break the fast correctly (usually takes about a week) 4. Eat only raw foods for … Continue reading