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Mazatlan: 10 Days

I walk down the street that the base is on, and turn left on the Malecon, crossing the busy street to get to the boardwalk that lines the ocean. I pass the small stand on wheels with the man who sells coconuts, and start to jog. I have not tried any of the coconut stands … Continue reading

Consider the Robin: Fly

After the baby robins leave the nest, I spend a few days casually looking for them whenever I go outside. I search the bushes in the front yard and the grass and piles of leaves. I just want to see one fly once. I am walking up to the front door one afternoon, camera in hand, when … Continue reading

Mazatlan: 5 Days

I am watching the sunrise on the Malecon. The Malecon is the curve of road and boardwalk that lines the Pacific ocean, wrapping all the way around the bay-like stretch of land. The sky is dimly lit, all pinks and oranges and a soft dusting of thin feathery clouds slashed across the front of all of … Continue reading