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Mazatlan: 65 Days

Sometimes we think of transformation as a sudden thing, like a spontaneous burst of light, whacking us silly and thrusting us into a better way and day. And sometimes it is. I pick my plate and fork up, and take them to the kitchen where some of the students are washing dishes. Dinner is over. … Continue reading

The Road to Durango

The road to Durango is surprising. This is not necessarily an accurate or objective observation, but it is my observation, lending itself to delight with the wild beauty of Mexico, as well as my until now naiveté with her loveliness. And as far as objective, I am not a journalist, but a poet. You in … Continue reading

Mazatlan: 50 Days

We are riding through the honest streets of Mazatlan in the back of an open-air taxi, which is really a glorified pickup truck with a roofed bench-seat apparatus built into the bed. It is a great place to view the city. We fly through neighborhoods filled with old, crumbling buildings which flaunt the modern times  and belie their … Continue reading