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if you don’t believe in love at first sight

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s because you’ve never been to Colorado. Tall Rockies, sharp lines frosted smooth with fresh snow, aspens growing straight toward Heaven out of a sheer, diagonal mountainside – like speckled arrows shot into the ground at perfect intervals, vastly spread countryside, and the wide, wild sky. … Continue reading

for us, death is an ending

For us, death is an ending. We rarely think of it as a beginning. Often, in order for something to be made new, it must die. A seed dies in the ground in order to become a plant. A single person leaves singularity to be a married unit of two equaling one. The math changes. From woman to mother. From caterpillar … Continue reading

a friend of mine

A friend of mine is a missionary in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, in rural farm country. She lives with a family and helps out with the farm and reaches out to the local kids in the area. Her name is Brittney. My kids and I were recently reading through George Muller’s biography and I mentioned it on Facebook. She asked for … Continue reading

out for a run

Out for a run, after the rain, sneakers slapping the wet pavement, new puddles standing still in the early evening, and I can see the reflection of the new blue sky in each puddle, the western edges deepening into advancing sunset. Watered grass hunches drenched in the moist air. The smell of stone, of rain, … Continue reading

stop and listen

Stop what you are doing and say I love you Jesus and then listen. Do you hear the wind in the trees? Do you hear your children saying Mommy or Daddy? Do you see the flowers? Or squawking, chirping beauty flying fast all around you? What about color? Is it varied and shaded and deep and … Continue reading

if you are a mother

If you are a mother, you are one of the most influential people in the world. You have the immense power to affect not just your children, but as a direct result, your children’s children’s children, infinitely. You are positioned to change the lives of people whom you will never meet – potentially thousands, and … Continue reading