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if you are a mother

If you are a mother, you are one of the most influential people in the world.

You have the immense power to affect not just your children, but as a direct result, your children’s children’s children, infinitely. You are positioned to change the lives of people whom you will never meet – potentially thousands, and in some cases, if you are raising another Billy Graham or Michael Phelps or Celine Dion or Diane Sawyer, millions.

Your feet are sitting in the wet cement of history. This is a legacy you are building.

This calling is not small. Remind yourself of its import. It goes far beyond sippy cups, laundry, wiping body parts or objects, and eating one’s vegetables. Your daily impact is a time machine. Yes. You are employed in the field of quantum physics. Your mothering will travel through time, space, sound waves, eternity, and brain waves, via the human heart, in a way that nothing else can.

You are the one God picked. Your children will take you with them into each one of their destinies. Let your heart fill and be empowered with the incredible knowledge of what you are and have been given.

To be a mom is mighty. In the same category of rocket science.


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