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Stories of Answered Prayer

a friend of mine

A friend of mine is a missionary in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, in rural farm country. She lives with a family and helps out with the farm and reaches out to the local kids in the area. Her name is Brittney. My kids and I were recently reading through George Muller’s biography and I mentioned it on Facebook. She asked for the title and I told her I’d just send the book to her.

George Muller was a missionary in England who gave over 10,000 orphans a home in the 1800’s. One of the most remarkable things about his life was that he never asked anyone for money. Every time he needed something he would ask God for it and it would come. There are all these amazing stories of him praying for food or money or even things like furniture and land to build orphanages on, and every single prayer was answered. This is documented in his journals. Needless to say, it is a very inspiring biography.

So I sent the book to Brittney in Canada and she started to read it. Meanwhile she was running quite low on money – she had voluntarily moved to the farm to help out and do missions work in the area, but there was no expectation that anyone pay her. However, she was starting to need money for various living expenses.  Her bank account was almost empty. The stories in the book newly inspired her about the power of prayer and she started to pray about her need for funds. And then suddenly the family she’s staying with, they came to her and told her that they recognize that she is doing ministry in the area and want to give her a monthly income!

So cool to think about this. If I had not read the book to the kids, I would not have been inspired enough to say something about it on social media, and Brittney would not have read that thing I wrote and asked about it, and I would not have sent it, she would not have read Muller’s story and been inspired to ask God for help with finances, and there you have it. Perhaps the family still would have approached her with an offer to help, but you never know. Also, sometimes I think God wants us to ask. So he can answer us personally. He wants to be our go to.



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