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if you don’t believe in love at first sight

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s because you’ve never been to Colorado. Tall Rockies, sharp lines frosted smooth with fresh snow, aspens growing straight toward Heaven out of a sheer, diagonal mountainside – like speckled arrows shot into the ground at perfect intervals, vastly spread countryside, and the wide, wild sky.

It is 2 years ago. I am standing on a wooden platform built into the side of a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, looking at the heedless display of beauty that I have described for you. I am struck quiet by this place. So big. So varied. So harmonious. So wild. So Him.

The mountains invite me to learn things about God that perhaps I don’t think about enough. Like His size. His ability. His taste in beauty. In a world that tries madly to split itself apart at all seams, these observations bring us together, show us our connectedness, unify us in wonder, help us to believe again like we used to.

When I am weary and I look at creation and see its grandeur and detail and hope, when I combine it with what I read in His Word, the state of my soul swiftly changes from thirsty and overwhelmed and sighing, to filled, refreshed, satiated.

I think He knew we’d need the Rockies.

There are some aches in our souls that only mountains can heal.


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