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A 15 Day Juice Fast

15 Day Juice Fast: Day 1

Day 1 was unusually easy, compared to my past experiences with semi-long detox fasts. I have no idea why, other than that I took the day before and tried to eat as close to the dirt as possible – that is, veggies and fruit and no processed food. Maybe that helped me more than I realize. It’s a very good idea to take 1-3 days and simplify your diet before a fast, for several reason. It starts the detox process gently, and lessens negative withdrawal symptoms, and also, it helps your mind and body to acclimate.

Also, I felt that I had the grace to do this fast, and I have embarked on long fasts before without the grace and they have always ended badly. It’s important to know that you have the space in your life to allow a detox to permeate your body, mind and spirit, and this space is not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well, aka the grace to do it.

I started out with a quart of filtered water yesterday, and my coffee that I usually have with raw milk. A word about that. I have always had coffee through juice fasts, for the simple reason that I was not willing to give it up. You aren’t supposed to have it, and any purist that you talk to about this will look at you aghast for drinking coffee during a detox. However, I have taken the entire summer this year and weaned myself down from my caffeine intake of 100% to a ratio of 1:3. That is, when I drink my coffee now, it is a mixture of caffeinated and decaf and only 25% caffeinated. My plan is to completely go off coffee next week, by slowly drinking less and less caffeine these first 8 days. I will then stay off coffee for a good while, after the fast, and switch to tea. It helps that I am in Florida, where it doesn’t get cold until November, because that is when I find myself feeling all cozy and wanting my morning coffee.

After the water and coffee, I had a large glass of fresh juice mid-morning. In it I put:

5 large organic carrots, a peeled lemon, 2 small organic apples

Right after drinking my morning juice, my energy was fantastic. Post-juice energy is a revelation! I always forget about how good it feels until I do another fast. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel this clear and energetic all the time? I ask myself this question mid-fast, and then post-fast, of course, I see a pizza, and forget all over again…

I had another quart of water a couple of hours after that. And then mid-afternoon, a cup of herbal tea. For dinner, I had a pint of water with a couple of tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, a cup of detox tea, and a large juice made of:

4 large organic carrots, a peeled lemon, a small organic apple, a small peeled organic cucumber, a peeled orange

And then before bed I had some more water. I felt pretty good all day. My energy started to plummet in the late afternoon, right before my dinner juice. Later in the night my skin started to itch a lot, and I was sneezing a bunch throughout the evening, and my legs were achy right before bed. These are all detox symptoms. Your body gets rid of the poisons it encounters on a daily basis in many ways, usually related to your organs. For instance, sneezing – your lungs are getting rid of what they don’t want. Itchy skin – your skin is your body’s largest organ and it encounters multiple assaults every day on its health and purity, so the itching is one way for it to cleanse itself. Achy legs – our fat stores toxins, and our legs are usually storehouses for the junk that our bodies don’t know what to do with, so as your body starts to release that, your legs might ache.

I only had two large juices yesterday. I find that I usually end up wanting 2-3 large juices a day on a long fast. Some people will feel the need for 4-6 juices, depending on many factors. You must learn to listen to your body. There is wisdom in your appetite. Your body was fearfully and wonderfully made by your Creator, with all kinds of amazing intelligence. If you plan to run or do any kind of cardio while juicing, I would advise having more juice, to avoid light-headedness and extreme fatigue.



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