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A 15 Day Juice Fast

15 Day Juice Fast: Day 6 & 7

Day 6 and 7 were pretty uneventful. I’m still experiencing a loose cough, and I get cold easily, but that’s pretty much it. My skin is clear, my clothes are looser, the whites of my eyes are brighter, I feel peaceful and purposeful, and my body is slowly releasing junk that has built up over the last couple of years. It’s important to drink some sort of detox tea while juicing – because you aren’t eating any fiber, your bowels will slow down and it is necessary to keep them moving in order to allow the toxins to exit your body.

Believe it or not, I am still cooking for my family. I couldn’t do that in the beginning years when I would juice. I couldn’t even be around food without being sorely tempted to break my fast. It doesn’t really bother me this go around though, which I think is a sure sign that there is simply the grace to do this. I will sit down to dinner with them, and I will have a quart of filtered water, a cup of detox tea, and a pint of juice, and they will have whatever I or my husband have made, and we will act as though it is a normal dinner. I couldn’t do this when I did my 30 day juice fast 2 years ago. Honestly, I would hide during meal times, especially the first two weeks, because it was difficult to smell food and not do crazy things. After the second week I remember the smell of food not really bothering me at all. That’s how I feel now, as of Day 6. Also, I think it has something to do with having already experienced the benefits of juicing, and knowing that the sacrifice is truly worth it. I feel great, my body gets a cleanse, my digestive system gets a rest, the euphoria lasts for weeks and even months after and overflows into my running and my sleep and my general feeling of health, and my spirit gets a reboot. The payoff far outweighs the difficulty, in my opinion.

I am sleeping great at night. I’m a bit slower in the morning to start, especially since I lessened the caffeine. Throughout the day I will have random bursts of great energy, but I am consistently experiencing excellent mental clarity. Good ideas, problem-solving, planning – my mind is overflowing with hopes and dreams for now and the future. I am quieter too. A juice fast allows you a temporary change of focus when it comes to communication. Instead of speaking constantly and thinking of everything I want to quickly say to everyone in the room, I find myself listening way more. Listening to others, or while in prayer, or just listening to my body and what I can and can’t do.

I haven’t started running again yet. I was consistently running about 12 miles a week before I started this fast.  Honestly, I don’t know that I will run while on it. I’m just not sure I have the spare energy. Theoretically it is possible, and I’ve read all kinds of accounts of people running while juice fasting, especially if you up the intake of juice to compensate for the expense of energy, but I’m just not there. Maybe I’m being chicken. I can’t tell. Let’s not talk about chicken, shall we?

I’m still having 2-4 juices a day, and I’ve expanded my ingredients to include ginger, broccoli, cauliflower and more kale. In addition to those, I am juicing my old standbys of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, apples, lemons, celery, beets, and oranges. I buy everything organic, except the cucumbers, which I’ll peel if they aren’t organic, and sometimes the citrus, and I peel all citrus because my juicer doesn’t do citrus peel too well, and I find it makes the juice taste bitter.

Other things I’ve juiced in the past are grapes, jicama, green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, lettuce, collards, garlic, onions, and basil. I just have my favorites and I tend to stick to those for the most part.

I’m having about 3 quarts of water a day, a cup of detox tea, a random tablespoon of coconut oil, and a cup of herbal tea. I had broth on Day 6 but not on Day 7. My salt cravings are starting to die down. I’m also having my mostly decaf coffee in the mornings, which I am cutting completely off on Day 8. That’s right, cold turkey.


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