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A 15 Day Juice Fast

15 Day Juice Fast: Day 8 & 9

Man oh man, Day 8 and 9 were hard. I almost quit. Here’s why. It was a combination of several things. First, I went cold turkey on coffee. It made my head hurt, my muscles ache, my brain fog. It put me in a bad mood and made me feel like I was getting the flu. On top of that, my family is very busy right now. We are still unpacking boxes from our recent move, and I’ve yet to hang pictures and art on the walls, I am cooking meals for everyone, while fasting, which is already pretty loony, and we are trying to get our kids involved in extra-currics right away, so there are meetings and emails and forms to fill out and covered dishes to bring to things….

If you have extra curricular-aged elementary school kids, you know all about this. It truly can be ridiculous. Worth it, but hectic.

And, I also homeschool, so I was trying to keep that as organized as possible. In addition, I just started planting a vegetable garden so I can grow more of our food, which I am not a beginner at doing, but haven’t done in a while, so there’s a re-learning curve.

And, I almost got a job during Days 8 & 9. Long story. I applied, took tests, daydreamed about buying drawer pulls from Anthropologie with extra money from a part-time job, and then, well, then I came back to earth. I ended up deciding for sanity and forgoing the job. I have no idea what I was thinking.

On top of all this, I am doing a 15 day juice fast. It is absolutely nuts to anyone else, but right for me. If. If I stay focused, keep it as calm and quiet as I can, under the very unusually busy circumstances, and have enough juice.

That was the clincher. I didn’t have enough juice either day. I got by with only two juices on Day 8, busy as it was, which did not help my feelings of well-being at all, and certainly did not make the caffeine withdrawals friendlier. By bedtime, I was dizzy, seeing stars, feeling naseous, and super grumpy. Day 9 was not much better At least, it wasn’t until midday that I realized what was happening. I had lost focus, wasn’t really keeping myself in a state of prayer or slowness, and I was starting to come unraveled.

I had a pep rally with myself and we got our act together. I wanted to celebrate a new season with a juice fast detox, and celebrate I shall. But I will do it right.

So now I am writing this to you from the end of Day 10, which I will still blog about later. Everything is fine and I did not quit. I refocused, calmed down, drank four juices on Day 10, and was good to myself with some broth and a lot of water.

I’m back in the saddle. To tell the truth, I’m starting to feel ready for this thing to be over. I’m just hoping for the last five days to be tranquil, clear, euphoric, and peaceful, much like they were up until 8.

Also, I suddenly have acne on my ears. It’s painful and strange. I’m assuming it is part of the detox, since I’ve never experienced this before. So there’s that.


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