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A 15 Day Juice Fast

15 Day Juice Fast: Day 10 & 11

Day 10 & 11 were more like the peaceful first week of this fast. I am continuing to drink a lot of filtered water, several fresh juices a day, a couple cups of detox or herbal tea, and sometimes a little broth, for the salt content.

My sleep is great.

My skin is clear and glowing. The acne on my ears is gone.

My mind feels restful and clear.

My energy goes up and down all day. It reminds me how much what we eat has to do with our consistent energy level, and how much control we have over the quality of that level with the foods we eat. Fresh, living foods will give us fresh, living energy. Processed, artificially modified food can only do so much.

My stomach is quiet. Digestive system is resting.

I have dizziness sometimes if I stand up too fast, and it seems like I have a lot more saliva than usual, kind of like when I was pregnant. I’m not cold anymore like I was the first week. By the way, I read that coldness during fasting is an indication of the metabolic rate slowing down. Your body starts to conserve energy, so you get cold. It is amazing what our bodies are designed to do for us!

I’ve lost 11.6 lbs. I think that by the time this fast is done, it will be somewhere around 13 lbs. I did not do this detox to lose weight, although I did need to lose some in order to train for a long race – my knees just can’t handle the long mileage when I’m over a certain weight. But I’m definitely happy with trimming down a bit and looking forward to longer runs as soon as I am eating normal again.

I truly feel “detoxed”. In fact, I almost feel as though my body is done. If I hadn’t committed to 15 days, I think I’d probably wind this down now and start slowly incorporating solids back into my diet. I feel like everything I wanted to accomplish has happened: I’ve released toxins , refreshed my body and soul, rested, celebrated, slowed, and given my gut a chance to reboot. Hopefully, the next few days will be gravy.

I was unpacking boxes today, slowly, and thinking about how when you fast, you are committing to a different pace for a while – however long your fast is. Things must get quieter and slower in your life for that period of time, or you’ll really struggle to enjoy it or gain from it. As I’ve grown in being a Christ-follower, fasting – usually, to draw closer to God –  has become part of my lifestyle. Juice fasting is a little bit different in that you are consuming something, not just water, and usually I juice for physical reasons, although prayer and rest are incorporated into it too. But most people I know don’t fast at all, Christians or non-Christians. In our culture, it is not normal to go without food.

However, I have experienced firsthand many times how very beneficial it is for me, mind, body, and spirit, to go without food for a bit, whether I am juicing or just drinking water, or giving up something else, like sugar or caffeine. It seems as though, when we turn the volume down on our loudly clamoring insistence for food, and master our selves, we turn the volume up on something else. Strength, discipline, rejuvenation, and often, the still, small voice of God, able to be heard anew in the quiet place of a temporary less. It is humbling, encouraging, strengthening, refreshing, clarifying. Maybe you have something you are praying about. Maybe it’s time to fast about it. Maybe you are overweight or have high blood pressure or back pain and starting to struggle with some of the health problems associated with those. Perhaps it is time for a small, healing fast. Sometimes people tell me that they are having trouble connecting with God in the particular season they are in. I can commiserate. I have felt that way sometimes. I challenge you to try fasting, combined with prayer, to jumpstart that connection again. There’s nothing like going without food to whet your appetite for so much more than food. Hunger is a gift. It is meant to address (in our lives) far more than just what is going into our stomachs. We can hunger for what is good, and true, and well. It sounds so cheesy until you actually experience it. We can salivate for hope and joy. We can thirst for the living God. You were meant to be filled. Not just physically. There is something to this. I don’t know all there is to know about fasting, in fact, you could probably find a dozen good books about this. But I do know, that I have encountered God’s presence in my life consistently while fasting. Even for merely physical reasons.

I remember reading an article one time about the people who live the longest on earth – some tribe in the jungles of Papua New Guinea or some such place – I can’t remember. But I remember that it said that they didn’t eat a lot. And that studies have been done about people who incorporate fasting as a regular practice and they are among the healthiest people on earth. Eating less allows our bodies more space to digest, utilize, and be empowered by what we are feeding them.

I have 4 more days, and then I’ll break my fast with a smoothie and see how it goes.


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