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we have great joy

We have great joy as we follow Jesus, but we mourn over the brokenness of the world. We see the bold darkness and pray for sovereign light to arrive, for forgiveness and loving kindness to be known everywhere.

There is a duplicity to following Jesus, not of purpose, motive, or honesty, but of heart. We sorrow for what has been lost, while we rejoice over our beautiful lives, this filling Life. We look forward breathlessly to the complete fulfillment of our hope, while we yet keen for the destruction we have witnessed.

This is a revelation of blessed. That we mourn, yet are comforted. Our vision grows sharper. We see the beauty. We also see what has been stolen. Our ears grow stronger. We hear the sighs. The aches. And woven underneath, the greatest melody – cacophonous hope. Jesus making all things new. Promising what we have not even imagined. A man of many sorrows, bringing joy unspeakable and peace beyond our logic.

For we do not sorrow as those who have no hope…” 1 Thess 4:13


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