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it is often the tiniest ideas

It is often the tiniest ideas that can grow into destinies. We walk along in life, looking for massive appeals, waiting for audible voices, hoping for someone to write directions in the sky. Where should we go next? Who should we help? What should our time be spent on? Everyone has an opinion, but often there are two very important opinions that we ignore. Our Creator. And ourselves.

There is a gift inside you that was meant for certain hearts, specific aches, and this time in history. There is always adversity to destiny. There is always a path of least resistance, and we can spend years on that detour, lazy and indulgent and full of entitlement about who we really are, what He has designed us to do so fittingly and necessarily, and grasp for massive clouds of no substance like carrots on sticks. We can refuse to work. To cultivate our soil. To hone our craft.

We can forfeit great beauty for small indolence. We all spend some time in this country, eating the lotus flowers.

Or. We can hear His voice, we can remember what we always wanted to do. What we are gifted for, inspired by, moved toward. We can follow that tiny idea to it’s very end, like a seed, like a trail, like a rabbit hole. We can write that book. Start that business. Fight for justice. Write that song. Ask for that chance. Study for that hope.

It is often the tiniest ideas that need our attention. The simplest of steps. Mustard seeds of faith.

The grace we have been given is an investment. We are in charge of it’s growth. The world needs your heart. Your passion. Your symphony. Your freedom.

Your destiny.

“To begin, begin.” -William Wordsworth


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