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there are people

There are people God has put in our lives just to teach us to listen more and speak less. There are others who teach us to speak up, and redeem the moments. Our stories and relationships are a tapestry of good lessons, if we will study them. We have children and parents and siblings and … Continue reading

i am standing in a wooded clearing

I am standing in a wooded clearing full of seated people, under the Florida pines, when the boy asks me if I’d like his seat. It is a scouting event for my daughter and the awards will begin at any moment. People are crammed onto wooden benches around a fire pit in the early morning … Continue reading

when one becomes a parent

When one becomes a parent, everything changes. When I became a mother, I was suddenly awake in a new way, body, mind, and spirit. I realized my own selfishness. And I immediately understood the ability to love another person with an inexplicably constant love. I felt fear, that the tiny and eternal being I was … Continue reading