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dear christmas, i am ready

Dear Christmas, I am ready for you to come with all your promises and be true to life. I am waiting for your full measure to fill my heart. I seek your scarlet cord of rescue, hung still and vibrant throughout the centuries. I am holding out for your humble best, your potent peace, your … Continue reading

joy is sort of like tiny seashells

Joy is sort of like tiny seashells. I walk out to the beach, via the old wooden boardwalk at one of my favorite beaches in central Florida, a beach I have been coming to for my entire life, where I have memories of being tiny, and being a teenager and being and adult. It’s beautiful. Like life. … Continue reading

no room

  No room in my life for a slower pace right now. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. All of my wheels are currently squeaky. It is a busy season. My days are filled with normal things like chores and homeschooling and errands and the kids’ extras, with stolen hours crammed in for creativity and … Continue reading