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This is Christmas

dear christmas, i am ready

Dear Christmas,

I am ready for you to come with all your promises and be true to life.

I am waiting for your full measure to fill my heart. I seek your scarlet cord of rescue, hung still and vibrant throughout the centuries.

I am holding out for your humble best, your potent peace, your wrecking grace. Your ark of quiet resignation, God become man for chasm-crossing.

I want to grasp the width and depth, the cleft and summit of your wealth. That love came down. I want to taste it.

I am searching all your folds for long-spun fibers of hope.

I wait to have your light come burgeoning like dawn.

I want to know wholeness and risk like you. To see the rabid world with hearts rebelled and think to send a baby. Surprising Kingdom coming…

Tiny Christmas, I’m unwrapping your heart to find you an immense rabbit hole.

Jesus, filler of cracks and patcher of holes, giver of glowing good, I wait in dark, the early morning still with expectation, for you to fill the skies and bring your effervescence to all my nuclei and cells.

I wait for Christmas.


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