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my thoughts on effective ministry: where you are is where i’m free

I notice often, in America where I live, that the simplicity of following Jesus is sort of misunderstood. It is not that his words are hard to understand, most of them anyway (because some of them are quite mysterious and cryptic), or that, once you feel his presence, you don’t want to feel it again daily, or that … Continue reading

my thoughts on effective ministry: the morning slowly brightens

The morning slowly brightens, from black to gray to bright, and I am sitting in my room readying myself for the day. This day is busy. All of them are in the current season. My children are getting older and involved in more. We homeschool, which takes up a good chunk of each day. I … Continue reading

it is not always that we feel who God is

It is not always that we feel who God is, close to Him and inspired. Sometimes I feel a million miles away. Sometimes I am a star in His orbit, burning coldly in the dark, with light years in between. I have noticed that this is a seasonal distance, something that drops on my soul … Continue reading