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there are refugees all over the world

There are refugees all over the world. There are more slaves now than at any other time in history. Many of them are children. Lots of them have been sold by their own family.There are addicts, orphans, widows.

85-90% of African Americans in the US don’t have a dad living at home. Poverty, drought, abuse globally. Any scholar of logic would say it appears there is an agenda at work: steal, kill, destroy.

There’s another agenda too: restore, resurrect, transform. 
I belong to this agenda. 
If you know Jesus, you do too. Even if you’re not a pastor or priest or theologian. ESPECIALLY if you’re not those. You can pray and read His Words. He will speak to your heart and tell you what action to take against the first agenda. Our action must come out of our relationship with God. We need wisdom, sincerity, love. It needs to start in our heart. We need to hear Him speak. His Word is alive and His Spirit will breathe those words into our hearts with creativity and innovation and cultural impact. We don’t just need His Words. We need the Spirit too. We need Heaven’s point of view. We need healing and miracles and supernatural help.
There’s action for all of us.
For some, it’s intercession. For some, research and writing. For some, giving money and supplies. For others, adoption. Or rescuing slaves. Volunteering time. Being a mentor. Feeding people. Asking people if you can pray for them. Extending kindness to the homeless. Maybe you’re like me and it might end up being all of them. God knows exactly the action for each of us. Ask Him. This world needs us to pray. This world needs prayer-soaked action. Spirit-led fight. Every time I take this kind of action to help, I end up way more blessed and revitalized than anyone else in the equation. 
There’s a battle on. We get to fight in it. Our weapons are brilliant. Love, mercy, obedience, gentleness, wisdom, vision, freedom, inspiration, encouragement. The irony is rich…
Ask Him today how you can help? Now? And then, when an idea floats up in your soul, follow through? You’ll be amazed. 
You’ll be Jesus to the least of these.
And He says, at the end of the day? It was Him you were helping anyhow. 
So when you look at people, messed up and wounded and needy and hopeless and confused…
That’s Jesus you’re looking at.
(Matt 25: 35-40)


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