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En(courage)ment for hard times, God Speaking, Stories of Answered Prayer

if you don’t feel the love at christmas…


What is your love language? Did you know, that your entire life, God has been speaking to you in the way that you hear love? You only have to stop and look back and you will see it, like a trail leading to His heart for you.

Is it physical touch? He has been sending you hugs all this time, sometimes from the most unlikely places. Remember? Often they were right when you needed them, the timing desperately perfect.

Is it quality time? For all the people who you thought you needed to spend time with through the years, and who were unwilling, He has been sending those who were willing to invest in your value and hear you, changing your life, showing you He is the source for love and wholeness.

Even through the brokenness, the less than perfect love, His grace shines through if we will allow ourselves to see…

Maybe yours is acts of service. Look around. Remember all the times others have come to your aid? What about when you were a kid? When bad things happened. There have been key occurrences through the years. And the ability that you have to see what is needed in a hard situation, the comfort you offer, because you know firsthand the pain?

All of this. Is love.

What about gifts? Yesterday, I took a moment and thought about the physical, tangible gifts God has given me, the answers to my childlike prayers: like once, He gave me the exact camera I wanted. Another time, a tiger-striped kitten. A waffle-iron. My home. A friend in Tulsa – actually, by the time I moved away from OK, I had a few. A church in Tulsa. A free car. This list is long. Gifts is one of my love languages. I asked Derek what he thought it meant that I asked for a silly thing like a waffle-iron and got it, out of the blue.

“I think it means God loves you.”

He does love me. This knowledge breathes me into life again each day, fills me with hope and joy. In a way – the right kind of way – it makes me invincible, acknowledging Him as my source. It helps me love people freely, and also, walk away from unhealthy relationships freely, realizing my value, His timing, and the importance of peace. Knowing that He will bless the right alliances at the right time, and gently lead me away from the wrong ones. This requires confidence. It requires a certainty of being loved.

Oh, how He loves me. This is truer than any accusation or abuse, any slander or violation.

It is no different for you. Sometimes we lose perspective, start to feel sorry for ourselves, tell ourselves no one loves us properly. And sometimes, we stay in bad situations because we are afraid if we move on we will even more so not be loved. But you are completely, wholly loved by God, and this can make you strong and free and confident. He has always loved you right, and He has been showing you in a thousand different ways.

With His Son and His Word and His Spirit, yes.

But with EVERYTHING else too.

With kind strangers and random acts and sunsets and amazing animals and pay it forwards and the right thing said at the right time and perks and easy outs and listening ears and mediators and well, even waffle-irons…

Trust Him a little more this Christmas?

Fear not. See all the love.

I almost forgot one. What about words of affirmation? Is that your love language? Well. Go back and read this again.


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