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on your real name, a cellular calling, and the science of love

All of us have a dream.

These dreams are often our callings.

These callings we feel are names that make our hearts swell with hope and purpose. Teacher and activist and mother and pastor and artist and writer and….They are good. But did you know that your calling, boiled down to its simplest reduction, is love?

It is the grace of love. Grace is the built-in, fluid and permissive ability to be gifted in an area.

No, I don’t mean that you need to love more people more thoroughly, though that does seem a natural byproduct of the full realization of this calling. I also don’t mean that you need to love God more, go to church more, do more, volunteer more, try harder. No..(Oh how we like to tell ourselves and others what “else” they must do to find peace and satisfaction).

The calling I am referring to is deeper than action and deed. It lives in your existence, as your identity. It lives in your designed cells, which symbolize it’s truth with their very specific structure…

It is your nucleus. Your core-self.

Your truest and first name, which is in God’s eternal heart, and precedes your conception, is this: Loved.

If we could only understand this, that we are called “Beloved” by Love Himself – a breathtaking thought – we could stop our empty doing doing doing to try to prove it.

And be. Loved.

Quality would overcome quantity, in our hearts and homes and churches and communities. We would feel less hollow.

We could rest. In the identity of Love. For it is who we truly are, beneath all the decay of lies and sin. We could move in the freedom of it too. Let that be the source of all our little momentums. Let “loved” be our response to everything.

Not guilt or fear or hate.

“No. For I am greatly loved, with a love that cannot be quenched by anything. Even death.”

Newton’s third law of motion states that “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

This is one of the truths of everything.

And so, the original action of your story is the love of God for you. It is the beginning, the seed, of you. Planted in eternity. Your original name.

You are bestowed with the calling, the grace, the gifting, the permissive and fluid ability, the built-in name, of Love.

Your cells shout “loved!”

All the authority, confidence, responsibility and posture of a much-loved child – the whole kingdom of inheritance and joy (and suffering is part of this too, for the natural world is now broken) – is yours for the taking. Has been given to you upon your conception, and squandered, has been won again for you on the Cross of Calvary.

Your loved cells, doomed to corruption, have been offered full resurrection by the Resurrected One.

The fullness of love. Of Loved.

The opposite and equal reaction is only to receive it, to receive His esteem of you, to live fully in glowing awareness of His love, let Him wreck you with His smile and hold and glory and beauty. Let this love be your Source. Through good and bad and absolutely everything. Let His gaze be your name and hope and calling:

Loved by God. Eternally.

Start there with your purpose this morning.

Know you are Loved. It’s who you are.

Let God’s motions govern your hope.

“I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are mere details.” -Albert Einstein



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