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on your real name, a cellular calling, and the science of love

​All of us have a dream. These dreams are often our callings. These callings we feel are names that make our hearts swell with hope and purpose. Teacher and activist and mother and pastor and artist and writer and….They are good. But did you know that your calling, boiled down to its simplest reduction, is … Continue reading

soul-winter in the middle of summer

Right now in summer, maybe you are in a soul winter. Seasons of winter can be hard because it would seem that not much is being produced. The flow has slowed down. The growth has paused. The fruit has dried up. All the rest of the world is in summer-fiesta-bumper-crop mode, maybe it seems, and you … Continue reading

Thirst: When You Need a Drink

I am stopped at the red light in traffic. The woman stands on the corner of I-95 and Wickham, a cardboard sign in hand that says “looking for random acts of kindness”. She holds it to her chest, facing out, and her stare is loose and distant, more of a gaze toward the horizon than any individual … Continue reading


In my house, if you look around, on any given Wednesday, you’ll find a lot of homemade and handcrafted. Our whole family is creative. Art supplies, sewed, knitted, crocheted and quilted textiles, paintings, photography, scratch ingredients for cooking, costumes, sketches and models. Completed projects, lists, patterns and paintbrushes and pottery, experiments and works in progress. … Continue reading

now that my kids are older

I wrote the following a couple of years ago, tongue in cheek, after a stressful outing with my children. Just found it today. It’s funny how the stressful stuff with kids becomes material for a good laugh later. Time passes, and we see ourselves and our children from the bird’s eye view of hindsight, and … Continue reading

cry babies, when life gets hard, and church-nursery worker epiphanies

I was working in the nursery today at church, taking care of the babies so I could get my baby fix, and I learned something. We had a baby girl who was crying and she couldn’t stop. She was so unhappy. No matter what we did she was inconsolable. She just wanted her momma. We … Continue reading