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what we wouldn’t give for a good listener

One of the worst things in the world is to feel that we are not being listened to when we speak, and almost the second worst is to not be responded to sincerely. On a good day for humans, these are difficult skills to master. Even if we had to wait for undivided attention or … Continue reading

don’t be like an elephant

Fear is an invisible chain around an elephant’s leg. This is what I find myself thinking while I ride on the back of one, in the tall piney forest surrounding Angkor Wat, an old Buddhist and Hindu temple in Cambodia (yes, both of those religions, I know, it’s interesting…), one golden afternoon in November. I have … Continue reading

if you don’t feel the love at christmas…

  What is your love language? Did you know, that your entire life, God has been speaking to you in the way that you hear love? You only have to stop and look back and you will see it, like a trail leading to His heart for you. Is it physical touch? He has been … Continue reading

on what people say, the reason for the reason, and two different campaigns…

People say let go and let God. At Christmastime in the U.S., this is harder than it looks. I feel the pressure of consumerism and rush during the holiday season. The pressure to buy stuff, to make stuff, to find the best deals, to rush around making memories, to book every weekend solid with holiday … Continue reading

it is easy, in churches today, to get offended

It is easy, in churches today, to get offended about anything. A cinch. It is harder to protect the unity of a group of people working toward a common goal. It is also easy to get lost in groupthink, to assume that we must drink the kool-aid in order to really be part of things, … Continue reading

sometimes we think that our natural and unavoidable inclination is to be jealous

Sometimes we think that our natural and unavoidable inclination is to be jealous of those people we see succeed at good things, and things that we wish we were doing or had, and that there is no avoiding it. We give in to envy and comparison, thinking ourselves cheated of something that someone else has. … Continue reading