30 Day Juice Fast

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30 Day Juice Fast: 35 Days Post-Fast

It is post-fast day 35. I said I’d touch base with you on post-fast day 15, but I am just now able to write. I’ve been on the road trip of a lifetime, the long way home on our move back to Florida from Oklahoma. I’m tossing the idea around about writing of it, later … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 30

Let’s all go back and read the title to this post one more time. There. Now, didn’t total euphoria wash over you when you read those words? IT DID FOR ME! Pardon me while I do a victory lap around the room…. What a journey this has been! This is what I looked like before … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 25

I am in the home stretch. Today is day 25. Can you believe that I have not eaten one morsel of food in 25 days? I feel terrific. My skin is glowing, my sleep is deep and restful, my energy abounds and thinking is sharp and focused, I am excited about the future, and overjoyed … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 20

Wow. Can you believe we are at day 20 with this thang? I misspelled that on purpose, to all you spelling sticklers. Don’t worry, spelling is my gift, so if I misspell, it is usually intentional. I am so excited to be able to type those words: Day 20. And I’m also glad I lessened … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 15

Day 15 is here. I bet you didn’t think I was still going. Honestly, I’m slightly having an out of body experience right now, because I wasn’t sure myself that I would still be going. But I am. I have stayed on the juice-fasting straight and narrow these last days that I have not been … Continue reading

30 Day Juice Fast: Day 10

I got to Day 10! I am now one-third of the way to my goal of 30 days! I feel great, and since things are going well I am going to be updating every five days now, instead of each day. Day 10 was easy. Great energy – I am borderline hyperactive these last few … Continue reading