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on your real name, a cellular calling, and the science of love

​All of us have a dream. These dreams are often our callings. These callings we feel are names that make our hearts swell with hope and purpose. Teacher and activist and mother and pastor and artist and writer and….They are good. But did you know that your calling, boiled down to its simplest reduction, is … Continue reading

it is easy, in churches today, to get offended

It is easy, in churches today, to get offended about anything. A cinch. It is harder to protect the unity of a group of people working toward a common goal. It is also easy to get lost in groupthink, to assume that we must drink the kool-aid in order to really be part of things, … Continue reading

there are refugees all over the world

There are refugees all over the world. There are more slaves now than at any other time in history. Many of them are children. Lots of them have been sold by their own family.There are addicts, orphans, widows. 85-90% of African Americans in the US don’t have a dad living at home. Poverty, drought, abuse … Continue reading

just thinking about how easily we can get distracted 

Just thinking about how easily we can get distracted and misread our circumstances, and how Jesus is always the gate to the right perspective, and how he says not to worry, because aren’t the flowers and the grass beautiful, and they don’t even care. And if they are like that, how much bigger is our … Continue reading

sometimes we ask god to speak

Sometimes we ask God to speak and then we hear something and we’re like “no, God, I need you to speak.” And again, He does, but it’s not what we want to hear, or it’s off topic, or seemingly inconsequential. We want him to play by our rules, stick to the subject, answer the question, … Continue reading

if ever I become a doctor

If ever I become a doctor, perhaps I will prescribe things like camping, hiking, tree-climbing, mountains, and lakes. Maybe I will give speeches about turning off the television of an evening, any evening, all evenings, and sitting in one’s yard with a fire pit and a dog, maybe a guitar or harmonica, and something refreshing … Continue reading