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15 Day Juice Fast: Day 15

I’m finished! Boy, it feels good to type that. Yesterday was the last day of my 15 day juice fast detox. I am sipping a smoothie as I write this. It has 1 cup of berries, 1 banana, and 1 cup of coconut milk in it. Delicious! This was a great detox. I experienced a … Continue reading

15 Day Juice Fast: Day 12 & 13

This is my second to last post about this cleanse. Day 12 & 13 were good, but I am ready to be done. One thing I will miss is the deep, uninterrupted sleep that I have when I am doing a detox fast. I will usually feel the effects for a few months after the … Continue reading

we have great joy

We have great joy as we follow Jesus, but we mourn over the brokenness of the world. We see the bold darkness and pray for sovereign light to arrive, for forgiveness and loving kindness to be known everywhere. There is a duplicity to following Jesus, not of purpose, motive, or honesty, but of heart. We … Continue reading

out for a run

Out for a run, after the rain, sneakers slapping the wet pavement, new puddles standing still in the early evening, and I can see the reflection of the new blue sky in each puddle, the western edges deepening into advancing sunset. Watered grass hunches drenched in the moist air. The smell of stone, of rain, … Continue reading

Mazatlan: 80 Days

The back patio is a grand place to ponder things. I pick the sopping wet t-shirt up, twist it fiercely to wring out the water, and hang it neatly on the wire clothesline. There are four wires, thick and crooked, that stretch across the back corner of the walled-in patio in back of the house … Continue reading

Mazatlan: 65 Days

Sometimes we think of transformation as a sudden thing, like a spontaneous burst of light, whacking us silly and thrusting us into a better way and day. And sometimes it is. I pick my plate and fork up, and take them to the kitchen where some of the students are washing dishes. Dinner is over. … Continue reading