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now that my kids are older

I wrote the following a couple of years ago, tongue in cheek, after a stressful outing with my children. Just found it today. It’s funny how the stressful stuff with kids becomes material for a good laugh later. Time passes, and we see ourselves and our children from the bird’s eye view of hindsight, and … Continue reading

being a parent is hard

Being a parent is hard. Parenting a teenager is a whole other animal. My own insecurities, fears, regrets, and wounds come to the surface and fog my perspective. Thank God for clarity that comes from prayer, Scripture, intuition, experience. Sometimes it takes days, weeks even to come to the certainty needed to go forward in … Continue reading

when one becomes a parent

When one becomes a parent, everything changes. When I became a mother, I was suddenly awake in a new way, body, mind, and spirit. I realized my own selfishness. And I immediately understood the ability to love another person with an inexplicably constant love. I felt fear, that the tiny and eternal being I was … Continue reading

if you are a mother

If you are a mother, you are one of the most influential people in the world. You have the immense power to affect not just your children, but as a direct result, your children’s children’s children, infinitely. You are positioned to change the lives of people whom you will never meet – potentially thousands, and … Continue reading