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soul-winter in the middle of summer

Right now in summer, maybe you are in a soul winter. Seasons of winter can be hard because it would seem that not much is being produced. The flow has slowed down. The growth has paused. The fruit has dried up. All the rest of the world is in summer-fiesta-bumper-crop mode, maybe it seems, and you … Continue reading

cry babies, when life gets hard, and church-nursery worker epiphanies

I was working in the nursery today at church, taking care of the babies so I could get my baby fix, and I learned something. We had a baby girl who was crying and she couldn’t stop. She was so unhappy. No matter what we did she was inconsolable. She just wanted her momma. We … Continue reading

on what people say, the reason for the reason, and two different campaigns…

People say let go and let God. At Christmastime in the U.S., this is harder than it looks. I feel the pressure of consumerism and rush during the holiday season. The pressure to buy stuff, to make stuff, to find the best deals, to rush around making memories, to book every weekend solid with holiday … Continue reading

we often evaluate others based on what we know

We often evaluate others based on what we know, the seasons we have been through, the wisdom we have acquired. After what we have been through, full times of hard, good growth. Now that we own that hard-won knowledge, we assume it should be common sense to the rest of the world. Of course, it … Continue reading

florida, you have lost my message

Florida, you have lost my message. I sent it to you back in July, when my blood was roasting in my veins. Remember? No? Well. My blood is still roasting. When I came home from Mexico, my garden was overrun. I picked dozens of cherry tomatoes, found the watermelon vines in the very act of a coup, … Continue reading

it is not always that we feel who God is

It is not always that we feel who God is, close to Him and inspired. Sometimes I feel a million miles away. Sometimes I am a star in His orbit, burning coldly in the dark, with light years in between. I have noticed that this is a seasonal distance, something that drops on my soul … Continue reading