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what we wouldn’t give for a good listener

One of the worst things in the world is to feel that we are not being listened to when we speak, and almost the second worst is to not be responded to sincerely. On a good day for humans, these are difficult skills to master. Even if we had to wait for undivided attention or … Continue reading

if you don’t feel the love at christmas…

  What is your love language? Did you know, that your entire life, God has been speaking to you in the way that you hear love? You only have to stop and look back and you will see it, like a trail leading to His heart for you. Is it physical touch? He has been … Continue reading

looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to seven years of prayer

Looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to 7 years of prayer. No…longer. All those years ago when we moved and moved and moved and I wanted a home to paint and decorate, a garden and refuge, a place to write and grow. I ran around this house 7 … Continue reading

the road to everglades national park

The road to Everglades National Park, from where we live, about 4 hours north, is busy the weekend after New Year’s. I am internally humming, staring out the window while my husband drives, noting cars of German make (the closer we get to Miami) and palms and southern Florida’s lush green landscape and crops, as … Continue reading

a friend of mine

A friend of mine is a missionary in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, in rural farm country. She lives with a family and helps out with the farm and reaches out to the local kids in the area. Her name is Brittney. My kids and I were recently reading through George Muller’s biography and I mentioned it on Facebook. She asked for … Continue reading