This is Christmas

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on what people say, the reason for the reason, and two different campaigns…

People say let go and let God. At Christmastime in the U.S., this is harder than it looks. I feel the pressure of consumerism and rush during the holiday season. The pressure to buy stuff, to make stuff, to find the best deals, to rush around making memories, to book every weekend solid with holiday … Continue reading

dear christmas, i am ready

Dear Christmas, I am ready for you to come with all your promises and be true to life. I am waiting for your full measure to fill my heart. I seek your scarlet cord of rescue, hung still and vibrant throughout the centuries. I am holding out for your humble best, your potent peace, your … Continue reading

no room

  No room in my life for a slower pace right now. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. All of my wheels are currently squeaky. It is a busy season. My days are filled with normal things like chores and homeschooling and errands and the kids’ extras, with stolen hours crammed in for creativity and … Continue reading