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don’t be like an elephant

Fear is an invisible chain around an elephant’s leg. This is what I find myself thinking while I ride on the back of one, in the tall piney forest surrounding Angkor Wat, an old Buddhist and Hindu temple in Cambodia (yes, both of those religions, I know, it’s interesting…), one golden afternoon in November. I have … Continue reading

the road to everglades national park

The road to Everglades National Park, from where we live, about 4 hours north, is busy the weekend after New Year’s. I am internally humming, staring out the window while my husband drives, noting cars of German make (the closer we get to Miami) and palms and southern Florida’s lush green landscape and crops, as … Continue reading

joy is sort of like tiny seashells

Joy is sort of like tiny seashells. I walk out to the beach, via the old wooden boardwalk at one of my favorite beaches in central Florida, a beach I have been coming to for my entire life, where I have memories of being tiny, and being a teenager and being and adult. It’s beautiful. Like life. … Continue reading

if you don’t believe in love at first sight

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s because you’ve never been to Colorado. Tall Rockies, sharp lines frosted smooth with fresh snow, aspens growing straight toward Heaven out of a sheer, diagonal mountainside – like speckled arrows shot into the ground at perfect intervals, vastly spread countryside, and the wide, wild sky. … Continue reading