Sudden tragedy. A difficult season. The loneliness of loss. Daily conflict with people. We struggle through our seconds and minutes, and Everlasting Hands are underneath us. It helps our hearts to remember – He has overcome the world. We take courage and press on. We are empowered to overcome evil with good.

let go of control and walk into held

there are people

in the last weeks of the old year

it is not always that we feel who God is

i am newly realizing what our suffering can become

i wake up some mornings

being a parent is hard

looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to seven years of prayer

we often evaluate others based on what we know

sometimes we think that our natural and unavoidable inclination is to be jealous

don’t be like an elephant

what she wouldn’t give for a good listener

Thirst: When You Need a Drink

soul-winter in the middle of summer

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