God Speaking


In the beginning was the Word. All things made by Him and through Him and for Him. Everything we see a result of words. All, spoken to exist. All, contained by words. The audible voice of God a perimeter and activator and weaver of atoms and molecules. Thus we look around and see the voice of God everywhere. He is speaking constantly.

stop and listen

it is often the tiniest ideas

i am standing in a wooded clearing

there are people

the road to everglades national park

it is not always that we feel who God is

my thoughts on effective ministry: the morning slowly brightens

my thoughts on effective ministry: where you are is where i’m free

my thoughts on effective ministry: to and from, not about

i wake up some mornings

looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to seven years of prayer

sometimes we think that our natural and unavoidable inclination is to be jealous

what she wouldn’t give for a good listener

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