Answered Prayer


Everyone has these stories of near-death experiences, or a need for a miracle or last minute help, or emergency rescues, where they just cannot explain how help came but it did. A desperate prayer was answered. And then there are these accounts of provision needed, money or groceries or a car, rescue from an attacker or survival in a bank robbery, or healing from a backache or sickness or cancer, and the person prayed and somehow, help came or the need was met.

You have tiny and huge prayers that children pray, the lifelong prayers of parents for their children and husbands and wives for each other, prayers for loved ones who are far from God or in a tough time. But regardless of the level of need or intensity, the fact of answered prayer is all around us. Most people have a story like this. They are testimonies of God’s faithfulness to hear and help us, and they are so encouraging. Sometimes we need to tell our story to help someone else. Other times we need another person’s story to help ours to be born.

a friend of mine

the road to everglades national park

looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to seven years of prayer

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