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if ever I become a doctor

If ever I become a doctor, perhaps I will prescribe things like camping, hiking, tree-climbing, mountains, and lakes. Maybe I will give speeches about turning off the television of an evening, any evening, all evenings, and sitting in one’s yard with a fire pit and a dog, maybe a guitar or harmonica, and something refreshing … Continue reading

if you don’t believe in love at first sight

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s because you’ve never been to Colorado. Tall Rockies, sharp lines frosted smooth with fresh snow, aspens growing straight toward Heaven out of a sheer, diagonal mountainside – like speckled arrows shot into the ground at perfect intervals, vastly spread countryside, and the wide, wild sky. … Continue reading

stop and listen

Stop what you are doing and say I love you Jesus and then listen. Do you hear the wind in the┬átrees? Do you hear your children saying Mommy or Daddy? Do you see the flowers? Or squawking, chirping beauty flying fast all around you? What about color? Is it varied and shaded and deep and … Continue reading