waiting on God

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soul-winter in the middle of summer

Right now in summer, maybe you are in a soul winter. Seasons of winter can be hard because it would seem that not much is being produced. The flow has slowed down. The growth has paused. The fruit has dried up. All the rest of the world is in summer-fiesta-bumper-crop mode, maybe it seems, and you … Continue reading

in the last weeks of the old year

In the last weeks of the old year, the fog descended, threatening my perspective and patience. What didn’t help was the insomnia that arrived again at the same time. They were probably related. Months ago I had a conversation with someone that left me feeling cold and lonely. Truth be told, I’ve fought to regain … Continue reading

joy is sort of like tiny seashells

Joy is sort of like tiny seashells. I walk out to the beach, via the old wooden boardwalk at one of my favorite beaches in central Florida, a beach I have been coming to for my entire life, where I have memories of being tiny, and being a teenager and being and adult. It’s beautiful. Like life. … Continue reading